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KIIFB Funded Schools - Scheme : 3 Cr, SPV : INKEL
# School Code School Name District Name Assembly Name
1 HS:11002
HSE: 14043
G. H. S. S. Kasaragod Kasaragod Kasaragod
2 HS:11018
HSE: 14014
G. H.S. S. Paivalike Nagar Kasaragod Manjeshwar
3 HS:11020
HSE: 14003
G. H. S. S. Kumbla Kasaragod Manjeshwar
4 HS:11025
HSE: 14048
VHSE: 914004
G. V. H. S. S. Iriyanni Kasaragod Udma
5 HS:11044
VHSE: 914002
G. V. H. S. S. Karadka Kasaragod Kasaragod
6 HS:11046
HSE: 14056
G. H. S. S. Chemnad Kasaragod Udma
7 HS:11049
HSE: 14047
G. H. S. S. Patla Kasaragod Kasaragod
8 HS:11054
HSE: 14004
9 HS:11069
GHS PERDALA Kasaragod Kasaragod
10 UP:11364
G. S. B. S. Kumbla Kasaragod Manjeshwar
11 HS:12008
HSE: 14054
G. H. S. S. Pallikera Kasaragod Udma
12 HS:12013
HSE: 14017
G. H. S. S. Udma Kasaragod Udma
13 HS:12039
HSE: 14061
VHSE: 914014
G. F. V. H. S. S. Cheruvathur Kasaragod Trikkarippur
14 HS:12050
HSE: 14050
G. H. S. S. Parappa Kasaragod Kanhangad
15 HS:12053
HSE: 14010
G. H. S. S. Maloth Kasaba Kasaragod Kanhangad
16 HS:12055
HSE: 14001
G. H. S. S. Cheemeni Kasaragod Trikkarippur
17 HS:12058
HSE: 14015
Dr. A. G. H. S. S. Kodoth Kasaragod Kanhangad
18 HS:12059
HSE: 14008
G. H. S. S. Udinoor Kasaragod Trikkarippur
19 HS:13005
VHSE: 913006
Govt.V.H.S.S.Kannur Kannur Kannur
20 HS:13012
HSE: 13011
Govt. H S S Pallikkunnu Kannur Azhikode
21 HS:13025
HSE: 13028
VHSE: 913001
22 HS:13027
HSE: 13033
G.H.S. S. Chuzhali Kannur Irikkur
23 HS:13028
HSE: 13034
GBHSS CHERUKUNNU Kannur Kalliasseri
24 HS:13030
HSE: 13019
CHMKSGHSS MATTUL Kannur Kalliasseri
25 HS:13034
HSE: 13018
GHSS KOTTILA Kannur Kalliasseri
26 HS:13039
HSE: 13016
27 HS:13040
HSE: 13005
VHSE: 913007
KPRGSGHSS Kalliasseri Kannur Kalliasseri
28 HS:13044
HSE: 13036
29 HS:13056
HSE: 13009
IMNS Govt.High School Mayyil Kannur Taliparamba
30 HS:13075
HSE: 13045
E M S Smaraka Govt H S S Pappinisseri Kannur Azhikode
31 HS:13076
HSE: 13172
VHSE: 913008
K K N P M G V H S S PARIYARAM Kannur Taliparamba
32 HS:13081
HSE: 13022
Govt.High School Morazha Kannur Taliparamba
33 HS:13092
HSE: 13026
Govt.Higher Secondary School Mathil Kannur Payyannur
34 HS:13093
HSE: 13025
Govt.Higher Secondary School Vayakkara Kannur Payyannur
35 HS:13097
HSE: 13037
Govt.Higher Secondary School Vellur Kannur Payyannur
36 HS:13100
HSE: 13044
37 HS:14004
HSE: 13003
Govt.Brennen HSS Thalassery Kannur Thalassery
38 HS:14006
HSE: 13038
Govt.HSS Thiruvangad Kannur Thalassery
39 HS:14018
HSE: 13105
VHSE: 913016
GVHSS Edayannur Kannur Mattannur
40 HS:14019
HSE: 13040
GHSS Kuthuparamba Kannur Kuthuparamba
41 HS:14042
HSE: 13007
GHSS Manathana Kannur Peravoor
42 HS:14051
HSE: 13107
GHSS Malur Kannur Mattannur
43 HS:14052
HSE: 13001
GHSS Chavassery Kannur Peravoor
44 HS:14054
HSE: 13041
GHSS Aralam Kannur Peravoor
45 HS:14057
HSE: 13013
AKG Govt.Higher Secondary School Pinarayi Kannur Dharmadam
46 HS:15001
HSE: 12006
G H S S Thalapuzha Wayanad Mananthavady
47 HS:15002
HSE: 12012
G H S S Valat Wayanad Mananthavady
48 HS:15009
HSE: 12032
G H S S Kartikulam Wayanad Mananthavady
49 HS:15016
HSE: 12007
G M H S S Vellamunda Wayanad Mananthavady
50 HS:15018
HSE: 12033
G H S S Kakkavayal Wayanad Kalpetta
51 HS:15030
HSE: 12001
G H S S Kaniyambetta Wayanad Kalpetta
52 HS:15034
HSE: 12010
G H S S Meppadi Wayanad Kalpetta
53 HS:15045
HSE: 12035
G H S S Vaduvanchal Wayanad Sulthanbathery
54 HS:15056
HSE: 12030
G H S S Moolankave Wayanad Sulthanbathery
55 HS:15057
HSE: 12013
VHSE: 912001
G V H S S Ambalavayal Wayanad Sulthanbathery
56 HS:15059
HSE: 12009
G M H S S Cheeral Wayanad Sulthanbathery
57 HS:15060
HSE: 12037
G H S S Anappara Wayanad Sulthanbathery
58 HS:15061
HSE: 12004
G H S S Panamaram Wayanad Mananthavady
59 HS:16006
HSE: 10015
VHSE: 911003
Govt HSS Vatakara Puthur Kozhikode Vadakara
60 HS:16038
HSE: 10029
VHSE: 911009
61 HS:16048
HSE: 10017
VHSE: 911027
G M V H S S KOYILANDY Kozhikode Quilandy
62 HS:16056
HSE: 10114
Maniyur Panchayth HSS Kozhikode Kuttiadi
63 HS:16080
HSE: 10030
GHSS VELLIYODE Kozhikode Nadapuram
64 HS:16084
HSE: 10117
VHSE: 911014
G.H.S CHERUVANNUR Kozhikode Perambra
65 UP:16662
GUPS NADAPURAM Kozhikode Nadapuram
66 HS:17001
HSE: 10001
Govt.Ganapat B.H.S Chalapuram Kozhikode Kozhikode South
67 HS:17005
HSE: 10097
G H S S Azhchavattom Kozhikode Kozhikode South
68 HS:17010
HSE: 10025
VHSE: 911013
G. V. H. S. S. For Girls Nadakkavu Kozhikode Kozhikode North
69 HS:17017
HSE: 10001
G. G. Model G. H. S. S. Chalappuram Kozhikode Kozhikode South
70 HS:17021
HSE: 10006
Govt Model H. S. S. Kozhikode Kozhikode Kozhikode South
71 HS:17049
HSE: 10107
N G O Quarters H S S Vellimadukunnu Kozhikode Kozhikode North
72 HS:17062
HSE: 10110
G. H. S. S Peringolam Kozhikode Kunnamangalam
73 HS:17083
HSE: 10009
G. H. S. S. Mavoor Kozhikode Kunnamangalam
74 HS:17111
G H S Nallalam Kozhikode Beypore
75 UP:17541
G. U. P. S. Ramanattukara Kozhikode Beypore
76 HS:18005
HSE: 11130
VHSE: 910020
77 HS:18010
HSE: 11133
VHSE: 910017
G.V.H.S.S. Pullanur Malappuram Malappuram
78 HS:18013
HSE: 11121
G.B.H.S. Malappuram Malappuram Malappuram
79 HS:18017
HSE: 11122
G.H.S. Irumbuzhi Malappuram Malappuram
80 HS:18023
HSE: 11026
G.G.H.S.S. Manjeri Malappuram Manjeri
81 HS:18059
HSE: 11124
VHSE: 910009
G G V H S S Perinthalmanna Malappuram Perinthalmanna
82 HS:18061
HSE: 11029
G H S S Anamangad Malappuram Perinthalmanna
83 HS:18065
HSE: 11024
VHSE: 910010
G H S S Mankada Malappuram Mankada
84 HS:18066
HSE: 11149
G H S S Mankada Pallippuram Malappuram Mankada
85 HS:18074
HSE: 11031
G H S S Pang Malappuram Mankada
86 HS:18078
HSE: 11127
G H S S Kadungapuram Malappuram Mankada
87 HS:18089
HSE: 11141
VHSE: 910001
G.V.H.S.S. Arimbra Malappuram Malappuram
88 HS:18097
HSE: 11138
G H S Aliparamba Malappuram Perinthalmanna
89 UP:18373
G.M.U.P.S. Chirayil Malappuram Kondotty
90 UP:18375
G.M.U.P.S. Ozhukur Malappuram Malappuram
91 UP:18384
G.M.U.P.S. Kondotty Malappuram Kondotty
92 UP:18578
G.U.P.S. Pathappiriyam Malappuram Ernad
93 HS:19010
HSE: 11126
VHSE: 910016
G. V. H. S. S. Chettiyan kinar Malappuram Tirurangadi
94 HS:19014
HSE: 11156
VHSE: 910023
GMVHSS Vengara Town Malappuram Vengara
95 HS:19016
HSE: 11005
G. B. H. S. S. Tirur Malappuram Tirur
96 HS:19018
HSE: 11136
G. H. S. S. Ezhur Malappuram Tirur
97 HS:19020
HSE: 11142
VHSE: 910011
Govt.V. H. S. S for Girls. Tirur Malappuram Tirur
98 HS:19021
HSE: 11143
VHSE: 910014
G. V. H. S. S. Paravanna Malappuram Tirur
99 HS:19027
HSE: 11163
VHSE: 910004
100 HS:19032
HSE: 11165
VHSE: 910002
K. M. G. V. H. S. S. Tavanur Malappuram Tavanur
101 HS:19034
HSE: 11033
G. H. S. S. Kadanchery Malappuram Tavanur
102 HS:19040
HSE: 11034
G. H. S. S. Kuttippuram Malappuram Kottakkal
103 HS:19063
HSE: 11012
G.H. S. S. Kokkur Malappuram Ponnani
104 HS:19066
HSE: 11152
G. H. S. S. Irimbiliyam Malappuram Kottakkal
105 HS:19067
HSE: 11120
G. H. S. S. Cheriyamundam Malappuram Tanur
106 HS:19074
HSE: 11154
G. H. S. S. Athavanad Malappuram Tirur
107 HS:19079
HSE: 11125
G. H. S. S. Niramaruthur Malappuram Tanur
108 HS:19357
G. H. S. Athavanad Malappuram Tirur
109 UP:19447
G. M. U. P. S. Parakkadavu Malappuram Vallikunnu
110 UP:19453
G. M. U. P. S. Venniyur Malappuram Tirurangadi
111 HS:19671
GHS Meenadathur Malappuram Tanur
112 UP:19775
G. U. P. S. Purathur Malappuram Tavanur
113 UP:19779
G. M. U. P. S. Tirur Malappuram Tirur
114 UP:19862
GMUPS Cherur Malappuram Vengara
115 UP:19866
GUPS Klari Malappuram Tirurangadi
116 HS:19868
G H S Kuruka Malappuram Vengara
117 HS:20003
HSE: 9021
G. H. S. S. Kumaranellur Palakkad Thrithala
118 HS:20004
HSE: 9092
G. G. H. S. S. Kalladathur Palakkad Thrithala
119 HS:20005
HSE: 9088
G. H. S. S. Anakkara Palakkad Thrithala
120 HS:20007
HSE: 9026
G. H. S. S. Mezhathur. Palakkad Thrithala
121 HS:20009
HSE: 9014
G. H. S. S. Chathanur Palakkad Thrithala
122 HS:20010
HSE: 9010
G. O. H. S. S. Pattambi Palakkad Pattambi
123 HS:20018
HSE: 9084
G.H.S.Chundampatta Palakkad Pattambi
124 HS:20032
HSE: 9030
G. H. S. S. Kadambur Palakkad Ottappalam
125 HS:20035
HSE: 9082
G. H. S. S. Ottapalam East Palakkad Ottappalam
126 HS:20041
HSE: 9012
G. H. S. Vellinezhi Palakkad Shoranur
127 UP:20557
Swaminatha Vidyalayam ,DIET LAB SCHOOL,ANAKKARA Palakkad Thrithala
128 UP:20655
G. U. P. S. Pattambi Palakkad Pattambi
129 HS:21011
HSE: 9080
G. H. S. S. Erimayur Palakkad Alathur
130 HS:21012
HSE: 9091
G. G. H. S. S. Alathur Palakkad Alathur
131 HS:21015
HSE: 9089
G H S S Tholanur Palakkad Tarur
132 HS:21017
HSE: 9028
G. H. S. S. Peringottukurissi Palakkad Alathur
133 HS:21026
HSE: 9081
VHSE: 909019
G. G. V. H. S. S. Nemmara Palakkad Nenmara
134 HS:21032
HSE: 9025
G. H. S. S. Muthalamada Palakkad Nenmara
135 HS:21036
HSE: 9090
VHSE: 909022
G. S. M. H. S. S. Thattamangalam Palakkad Chittur
136 HS:21048
HSE: 9023
G. H. S. S. Kozhipparai Palakkad Chittur
137 HS:21050
HSE: 9019
VHSE: 909010
G. V. H. S. S. Kanjikkode Palakkad Malampuzha
138 HS:21055
HSE: 9008
P. M. G. H. S. S. Palakkad Palakkad Palakkad
139 HS:21073
HSE: 9013
G. H. S. Mankara Palakkad Kongad
140 HS:21079
HSE: 9075
G H S S Karimba Palakkad Kongad
141 HS:21081
HSE: 9018
G. H. S. Pottassery Palakkad Kongad
142 HS:21089
HSE: 9032
VHSE: 909012
G. H. S. S Agali Palakkad Mannarkad
143 HS:21103
HSE: 9077
G. T. H. S. Sholayur Palakkad Mannarkad
144 HS:21123
HSE: 9166
G H S S THENKARA Palakkad Mannarkad
145 UP:21733
G. U. P. S. Kongad Palakkad Kongad
146 UP:21875
G. U. P. S. Bheemanad Palakkad Mannarkad
147 HS:22057
HSE: 8017
G. H. S. S. Pattikkad Thrissur Ollur
148 HS:22059
VHSE: 908020
149 HS:23079
HSE: 8127
G H S S MUPLIYAM Thrissur Pudukkad
150 HS:24004
HSE: 8134
Govt. H. S S Panjal Thrissur Chelakkara
151 HS:24056
HSE: 8130
VHSE: 908015
Govt. V. H. S. S Valapad Thrissur Nattika
152 HS:25004
HSE: 7181
Govt. H S S Kuttamassery Ernakulam Aluva
153 HS:26035
HSE: 7005
154 HS:26066
HSE: 7145
Govt. H.S.S. Vennala Ernakulam Thrikkakara
155 HS:27012
HSE: 7156
Govt. H S S Kallil Ernakulam Perumbavoor
156 HS:29003
HSE: 6008
Govt. Tribal H. S. S. Poomala Idukki Thodupuzha
157 HS:29051
HSE: 6057
Govt. High School Panickankudy Idukki Idukki
158 HS:30084
Gandhiji English Medium Govt High School Idukki Udumbanchola
159 HS:32065
HSE: 5007
Govt. HSS Panamattom Kottayam Pala
160 HS:34031
HSE: 4025
VHSE: 903007
SCU Govt VHSS Pattanakkad Alappuzha Cherthala
161 HS:35011
HSE: 4111
Govt H S S Paravoor Alappuzha Ambalappuzha
162 HS:35021
HSE: 4109
G. H. S.S Kakkazhom Alappuzha Ambalappuzha
163 HS:35022
HSE: 4096
VHSE: 903008
Govt V H S S Aryad Alappuzha Alappuzha
164 HS:35064
G. H. S Naluchira Alappuzha Ambalappuzha
165 UP:35338
S. D. V. G U. P. S. Neerkunnam Alappuzha Ambalappuzha
166 HS:36013
HSE: 4018
VHSE: 903005
Govt.V H S S Chunakara Alappuzha Mavelikkara
167 HS:37033
St. Mary`s Govt.H. S. Kunnamthanam Pathanamthitta Thiruvalla
168 HS:38003
HSE: 3073
Govt. H.S.S. for Girls Adoor Pathanamthitta Adoor
169 HS:38029
HSE: 3002
Govt. H.S.S Chittar Pathanamthitta Konni
170 HS:38087
HSE: 3093
Govt. H.S Kizhakkupuram Pathanamthitta Adoor
171 HS:38088
HSE: 3074
T.M.G.H.S.S Peringanad Pathanamthitta Adoor
172 HS:38089
HSE: 3092
Govt. H.S Maroor Pathanamthitta Konni
173 HS:39008
HSE: 2110
G.H.S.S Thevannoor Kollam Chadayamangalam
174 HS:39021
HSE: 2106
VHSE: 902008
G.V.H.S.S Muttara Kollam Kottarakkara
175 HS:39023
HSE: 2112
VHSE: 902011
G.V.H.S.S KULAKKADA Kollam Kottarakkara
176 HS:39027
HSE: 2007
G.H.S.S Kuzhimathicad Kollam Kottarakkara
177 HS:39035
HSE: 2034
G.H.S.S PUTHUR Kollam Kottarakkara
178 HS:39038
HSE: 2028
VHSE: 902012
G.H.S.S PATTAZHY Kollam Pathanapuram
179 HS:39046
HSE: 2113
GOVT.H.S.S PORUVAZHY Kollam Kunnathur
180 HS:39052
HSE: 2115
G.H.S.S Vakkanadu Kollam Kottarakkara
181 HS:40002
HSE: 2014
Govt HSS Karukone Kollam Chadayamangalam
182 HS:40032
HSE: 2020
Govt H. S. S Kummil Kollam Chadayamangalam
183 HS:40040
HSE: 2104
VHSE: 902004
Govt VHSS Punnala Kollam Pathanapuram
184 UP:40229
Govt. U. P. S Kadakkal Kollam Chadayamangalam
185 HS:41015
HSE: 2017
SBVSGHSS Panmanamanayil Kollam Chavara
186 HS:41036
HSE: 2032
Thazhava Govt: Girls H S S Kollam Karunagappally
187 HS:41056
HSE: 2004
VHSE: 902010
Govt: Model Boys H.S.S . Kollam Kollam Kollam
188 HS:41084
HSE: 2132
VHSE: 902013
Govt: V H S S Kottamkulangara Kollam Chavara
189 HS:41088
HSE: 2035
Paravoor Govt: H S S Thekkumbhagom Kollam Chathannoor
190 HS:42003
HSE: 1139
Govt. H S S Aruvikkara Thiruvananthapuram Aruvikkara
191 HS:42005
HSE: 1137
VHSE: 901036
Govt. V & H S S Aryanad Thiruvananthapuram Aruvikkara
192 HS:42025
HSE: 1005
Govt. HSS Kilimanoor Thiruvananthapuram Attingal
193 HS:42047
HSE: 1012
VHSE: 901020
Govt.V & HSS Pakalkuri Thiruvananthapuram Varkala
194 HS:42059
HSE: 1145
VHSE: 901002
Govt. V & H.S.S. Vithura Thiruvananthapuram Aruvikkara
195 HS:42075
HSE: 1171
Govt. HS Koduvazhannoor Thiruvananthapuram Attingal
196 UP:42338
Govt. U P S Venjaramoodu Thiruvananthapuram Vamanapuram
197 UP:42653
Govt. U.P.S. Vithura Thiruvananthapuram Aruvikkara
198 HS:43003
HSE: 1014
VHSE: 901038
Govt. V. H. S. S. Pirappancode Thiruvananthapuram Nedumangad
199 HS:43004
HSE: 1034
Govt. H. S. S. Thonnackal Thiruvananthapuram Chirayinkeezhu
200 HS:43014
HSE: 1146
Govt. Girls H. S. S. Kanniakulangara Thiruvananthapuram Nedumangad
201 HS:43017
HSE: 1133
Govt. H. S. S. AYIROORPPARA Thiruvananthapuram Nedumangad
202 HS:43078
HSE: 1038
Govt. H. S. S. Punnamoodu Thiruvananthapuram Kovalam
203 HS:43083
HSE: 1016
S. M. V. Model H. S. S. Thiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram
204 HS:43084
HSE: 1023
Govt. Model B. H. S. S. Thycaud Thiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram
205 HS:43085
HSE: 1002
Govt. Girls H. S. S. Cottonhill Thiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram
206 UP:43450
Govt. U. P. S. Kaniyapuram Thiruvananthapuram Nedumangad
207 HS:44037
HSE: 1011
Govt. H S S for Girls Neyyattinkara Thiruvananthapuram Neyyattinkara
208 HS:44041
HSE: 1135
VHSE: 901004
Govt. V. H. S. S. And H. S. S. Parassala Thiruvananthapuram Parassala
209 HS:44060
HSE: 1168
VHSE: 901026
Govt.V and H S S Paruthippally Thiruvananthapuram Aruvikkara
210 HS:45002
HSE: 5121
Govt DVHS Vechoor Kottayam Vaikom
211 HS:47027
HSE: 10116
GHSS AVITANALLUR Kozhikode Balusseri
212 HS:47029
HSE: 10018
GHSS POONOOR Kozhikode Balusseri
213 HS:47058
HSE: 10027
Swami Guruvarananda Memorial Govt. HSS Kolathur Kozhikode Elathur
214 HS:47064
HSE: 10003
GHSS KODUVALLY Kozhikode Koduvally
215 HS:47072
HSE: 10095
VHSE: 911001
GVHSS THAMARASSERY Kozhikode Koduvally
216 HS:47088
HSE: 10094
GOVT. H S S PUDUPPADI Kozhikode Thiruvambadi
217 HS:47103
HSE: 10101
G H S S KARUVANPOYIL Kozhikode Koduvally
218 HS:47109
HSE: 10135
GHSS Parambil Kozhikode Elathur
219 UP:47339
GMUPS Chennamangallur Kozhikode Thiruvambadi
220 UP:47461
GMUPS ELETTIL Kozhikode Koduvally
221 UP:47463
GMUPS KARUVAMPOIL Kozhikode Koduvally
222 UP:47571
GMUPS POONOOR Kozhikode Balusseri
223 HS:48036
HSE: 11151
GHSS Eranhimangad Malappuram Ernad
224 HS:48037
HSE: 11153
VHSE: 910013
GMVHSS Mampad Malappuram Wandoor
225 HS:48038
HSE: 11008
GHSS Pullangode Malappuram Wandoor
226 HS:48041
HSE: 11017
G H S S Pookkottumpadam Malappuram Nilambur
227 HS:48047
HSE: 11007
VMCGHSS Wandoor Malappuram Wandoor
228 HS:48063
HSE: 11123
G.H.S.S. Pattikkad Malappuram Manjeri
229 HS:48076
HSE: 11036
G.H.S.S. Vettathur Malappuram Perinthalmanna
230 HS:48139
G.H.S. Kappu Malappuram Perinthalmanna
231 HS:48141
G H S Perakamanna Malappuram Ernad
232 UP:48469
Paramba G U P S Malappuram Nilambur
233 HS:48558
GHS Neelanchery Malappuram Wandoor